Klijai flizelino tapetams ECO DIREKT

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Klijai flizelino tapetams ECO DIREKT


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ECODECO ECO Direkt- klijai, skirti visų rūšių tapetams su neaustu flizelino pagrindu.
Pakuotė: 200 g.
Išeiga: 1 pakelis - 5-7 rulonai.
Paruošimo trukmė: 3 minutės. Galutinis sukibimas: nuo 24 iki 48 valandų.

Ekologiški, aukštos kokybės, greitai tirpstantys metilo celiuliozės klijai. Tinka visiems tapetams, pagamintiems flizelino pagrindu. Rekomenduojami ekologiškų ecodeco tapetų klijavimui.

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Vlies wallpapers (Non-Woven) are an advanced technically improved wallpaper material that was introduced to the market over few years ago and is fast becoming the preferred substrate for wallpaper. Made of a fibrous material, non-woven wallpapers are easier to install and even easier to remove!

Vinyl wallpaper are printed on a 100% vinyl material or on a paper and then treated with a vinyl topcoat and are commonly embossed to give them a luxurious textural effect. These wallpapers are quite durable and are usually scrubbable, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Paper wallpapers printed on paper are not as common as in previous years, but are still present in the marketplace. Paper wallpapers are environmentally friendly and showcase flat inks and designs very nicely, but due to the delicate nature of paper, these wallpapers have proven.

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