Wallpaper symbols

good lightfastness

straight match approach

Same patterns are to be hung/arranged at the same height next to each other.


The top layer of the wallpaper can be peeled off dry.
The bottom paper layer remains on the wall as a lining.


Dirt can be removed with mild soap and water and a soft brush.

offset match approach

The pattern of the next length must be offset by the specified pattern repeat.

form-stable double-embossed wallcovering

The high quality embossing remains intact during hanging.

highly resistant to water and washing

Stains, with the exception of oils and fats, etc. can be cleaned with soapy water and a sponge.

Reverse alternate lengths

Every second length is hung upside down.


The reverse side of the wallpaper has been pre-coated with wallpaper paste and is activated by shortly immersing in water.

resistant to water and washing

Light stains can be cleaned with a wet sponge.

completely dry-strippable

The wallpaper is peeled off at one corner and can then be removed length by length.